A.P.State Housing Corporation Ltd., (APSHCL) was incorporated on 5th July 1979 under Companies Act.APSHCL aims to bring dignity to each and every BPL family by assisting them, both financially and technically, for construction of permanent (Pucca) houses. The financial assistance is provided according to the various schemes of State Governent and Government of India. The technical assistance is provided by the staff of APSHCL in the form of the Technical Work Inspectors, Assistant Engineers, Deputy Executive Engineers and Executive Engineers under the Leadership of Project Director as District Head.


Saturation approach – No poor household is left without a pucca house.


  1. Beneficiaries Participation is the Key role.
  2. Motivation of beneficiaries is focused in both Rural and Urban area.
  3. Payments made to the beneficiaries through NPCI Bank Account.

Schemes & Achievements

APSHCL provides housing schemes for both Rural and Urban poor. APSHCL’s colonies have come up in every village of Andhra Pradesh. Its well developed technical network which provides direct interaction with beneficiaries and assistance in construction of houses. Construction of houses have been takenup to the selected beneficiaries among the poor beneficiaries from different communities i.e. Weavers, Fishermen and SC /ST beneficiaries by providing additional amount.

YSR Rural Housing 2016-17 to 2019-20

Houses takenup with a unit cost of Rs.1.50 lakhs per each house to the poor houseless eligible beneficiaries.

PMAY(G)- YSR (Gramin) 2016-17

Houses takenup with a unit cost of Rs.2.00 lakhs to the beneficiaries covered in SECC 2011 survey.

PMAY- YSR (Urban) Housing programme

Beneficiary Led Construction for 2016-17 to 2018-19 taken up with unit cost of Rs.3.00 lakhs to the Urban poor housing beneficiaries.

PMAY- YSR (Urban) OUDA Housing programme

OUDA Housing programme 2018-19 with unit cost of Rs.2.50 to the poor houseless beneficiaries in OUDA Area. Action is being taken for sanction of houses.

Recent events

Beneficiaries have tobe registered with Geotagging through Awaasplus mobile app ensured with Aadhaar card and Ration card of BPL families.

Upcoming events

On distribution of House sites to the eligible beneficiaries by the Govt.of Andhra Pradesh and construction of houses will be takenup after allotment of houses from the Government.


Supply of cement at concession price to housing beneficiaries. Infrastructure facilities like Electricity, Water Supply and Internal Roads in layouts are being provided from the housing budget. Monitoring of entire process through online system.


Beneficiary shall possess White Ration card, Aadhaar card linked with NPCI bank account, Own house site/ DK patta and feasibility report from the Multi Disciplinary team with Tahsildar, MPDO and Assistant Engineer(Housing).