Women and Child Welfare

Women Development and Child Welfare Department established for holistic development of the child, the department has been implementing the world’s largest outreach programme of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) providing a package of services comprising supplementary nutrition, immunization, health check-up and referral services, pre-school non-formal education. There is effective coordination and monitoring of various sectoral programmes. The major policy initiatives undertaken by the department in into the recent past include universalization of ICDS and Kishori Shakti Yojana, launching a nutrition programme for adolescent girls, establishment of the Commission for protection of Child Rights and enactment of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence, and supporting the women in vulnerable condition.

Organizational Structure

District level—Project Director.(looks after ICDS Activities)
Asst.Project Director (looks after DV Cell, ICPS and OSC)
Block Level — Child Development Project Officer. (3to5Mandals)
Sector Level– Supervisor. (25 AWCs)
Village Level ( Main AWC) – AWWorker&AWHelper(for400to1000 population)
(Mini AWC)—Mini Anganwadi worker.(150 to 300population)


Integrated child development is an unique early childhood development programme aimed at addressing health, nutrition and the development needs of young children, Pregnant and Nursing mothers. Basic unit for ICDS Services is AW Centre.

21 ICDS projects were established in Prakasam District ,these projects covers 8 municipalities and 56 mandals with 4009 Main and 235 Mini AW Centers

Supplementary Nutrition Programme

Supplementary Nutrition Programme is implementing for improving the Nutritional status of Pregnant, Lactating & 6 M to 6 Yrs Children.

Amrutha Hastam

The State Government introduced “Anna Amrutha Hastam” (AAH) programme which involves spot feeding of “one full meal” with one boiled egg and 200ml milk for Pregnant and Lactating Women to improve, Nutrition and health status at the Anganwadi centre and ensuring administration of Calcium and Iron & Folic Acid (IFA) tablets. Anna Amrutha Hastam aim is to increase the birth weight and to reduce the anemia. By providing 500 to energy and 10 to 12gms of protein per meal.

The programme was started on 01.01.2013 in 4 ICDS Projects with most adverse health and nutrition indicators and it was universalized in all 21 ICDS projects from 1.07.2017. One full meal cost of Rs. 20/- per day per women is provided under the program including Govt. of India norms@ 7/- per day for women, AP Govt. providing Rs. 13/- per women per day.


is the weaning food introduced under ICDS to provide improved supplementary nutrition to children between 7 months to 3 years. The weaning food is prepared with wheat, chana dhal, milk powder, oil and sugar. It is fortified and thus provides 50% of iron, calcium, vitamins and other RDA that children require per day. 2.5 k.g of Balamrutham packet is been given as THR along with 8 eggs per month per child. Which provides energy and 8gms proteins/100gms


Special care and supervised feeding is called Gorumuddalu for the children up to 5 years who are categorized under severely underweight (SUW), severe acute malnourished (SAM) and moderate acute malnourished (MAM).Along with regular ration one boiled Egg and 100ml milk areproviding for malnourished children under 5 years, this has neither yielded the desired results nor enabled to have adequate follow up of the malnourished children.

POSHAN Abhiyan: (Prime Minister Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nourishment)

The mission POSHAN Abhiyan aims to reduce mal-nourishment from the country in a phased manner through the life cycle concept, by adopting a synergized and result oriented approach.

The Mission will ensure timely service delivery and a robust monitoring as well as intervention infrastructure.

Integrated Child development services (ICDS) is an important program for meeting the holistic needs of children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. Angnwadi workers (AWWs) are the mainstay of the ICDS Service delivery system. The Ministry of women and POSHAN Abhiyan, Project are implementing a real time monitoring system (ICT-RTM) across all Anganwadi Centers in the District with an aim at improving the service delivery system of ICDS and ensuring its better supervision.

Components Under POSHAN Abhiyan

  1. ICDS systems strengthening / Developing and implementing ICT and capacity building.
  2. Incremental learning approach.
  3. Community mobilization and behavioral change communication
  4. Convergent nutrition action.
  5. Project management monitoring and evaluation.

This monitoring system is based on a Common Application Software name ICDS-CAS. ICDS CAS is available in the smart phone provided to Anganwadi workers

DV Cell

The protection of women from Domestic Violence Act-2005 and rules 2006 have come into force w.e.f 26-10-2006. Under the Act the following abuses are considered as Domestic Violence-physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and economical abuses.DV cell cosist of one legal counselor, one social counselor one DEO and 2 home guards under the control of protection officer i.e Project Director DW& CDA.

One stop Center(OSC)

One Stop Center (OSC) are intended to support women affected by violence , in private and public spaces, with in the family , community and at the work place. Facilitating an integrated range of services including Medical , legal, and Psychological support.

Integrated Child Protection Services(ICPS)

Objectives of ICPS: The core objectives of ICPS is to contribute to the improvement and the well being of children in difficult circumstances, as well as to reduce vulnerabilities to situations and actions that lead to abuse, neglect, exploitation, abandonment and separation of children.

Sisugruha Ongole, Prakasam District

Under JJ Act 2000, and its amendment 2006 under section 41 (3) in ongole, Prakasam District .Sisugruha is established on Oct 2005 and sanctioned with the following staff of social worker , medical officer ,A.N.M., , Chowkidar and six members of Ayah’s. In 2010 the Sisugruha is converted into specialized Adoption Agency and the Manager –cum-early childhood learner post was introduced to the existing staff pattern

Children Homes

The Children’s Home established by the Department of Women& Child Welfare shall hence fourth be known as “Balasadhan’’.

In Prakasam Dist three Balasadhans are present at

  1. Ongole
  2. Giddalur
  3. Kandukur

Details of ICDS Projects and CDPOs

S. NO Project Name CDPO Name CDPO No ACDPO Name Mobile No CDPO Official email id
2 CHIRALA (U) Smt.B. NAGAMANI 9491051627,
4 KANDUKUR (U) vacanvacant 9491051628,
5 KANIGIRI  vacant 8464979789,
6 KONDEPI vacnt 9491051620,
9 MARKAPUR (U) Smt. G. LAKSHMI DEVI 9491051626,
10 MARKAPUR (r) Smt.K.SWARUPA RANI 9440814507,
11 ONGOLE(R) Smt. CH. MALLESWARI 9491051628 Smt.P.Srilatha               (PD office,   Nodel officer) 7799025664,
12 ONGOLE-(U) Smt.P.SULOCHANA 9440814509,
14 PODILI Smt.N.INDIRA KUMARI 9491051622,
16 TALLURU Smt .K.V.P. RAJA                              KUMARI 9491051625,
17 TARLUPADU Smt.P. PADMAVATHI 9491051615,
18 ULAVAPADU Smt.D. MADAVI LATHA 9440814409 Smt.Lidiyamma,
20 VETAPALEM Smt. K.UMA 9440814508 Smt.T.Jhansi,
21 Y.PALEM   Smt.P. PADMAVATHI I/C) 9440814432,