District Rural Development Agency

Institution Building

  1. Promotion and strengthening of Self Help Group and financially sustainable Community Based Organizations that are owned and controlled by poorest of the poor and poor.
  2. Providing a wide range of micro-finance products and social developmental services to members on a timely basis for securing sustainable livelihoods and improving quality of life of
    poorest of the poor and poor.
  3. Ensuring timely provision of technical services to the members by developing social capital . visit :
  4. There are 59,262 Self Help Groups are formed in the Prakasam district with 6,00,700 SHG members.

Bank Linkage

  1. To enable the poor households in accessing adequate formal credit at their doorsteps through their membership in SHGs.
  2. Consumption smoothening or even servicing previous high cost debts Support existing livelihoods Finally, to implement Microcredit Plan (MCP), when households reach a stage where tcan
    assume a higher degree of risk.
  3. The credit worthiness of these groups, which are otherwise unbanked, having no collaterals, have been built on their group discipline, repayment culture and accumulated corpus funds;and
    this resulted in SHG Bank linkage programme, under which, SHGs are being provided with credit by service area banks as per Micro Credit Plans of SHGs.
  4. To avoid borrowing of SHG Members from private micro finance agencies and local money lenders for higher interest rate in rural. areas.


Sthreenidhi Credit Cooperative Federation Ltd., is promoted by the Govt. of AP and the Mandal Samkahyas to supplement credit flow from banking sector and Sthreenidhi provides timely and affordable credit to the poor SHG members as a part of the overall strategy of SERP for poverty alleviation.

SHGs are comfortable to access hassle free credit from SthreeNidhi as and when required using their mobile and therefore do not see any need to borrow from other sources at usurious rates of interest. SthreeNidhi is in a position to extend credit to the SHGs even in far flung areas of the state in 48 hours to meet credit needs and promoting entrepreneurship among the rural women for the sustainable livelihoods in the areas of like agriculture, livestock and other income generating activities. As credit availability is linked to grading of Mandal Samakya and Village Organizations, community is keen to improve functioning of the same to access higher amount of Rs.1,00,000/- credit limit. “Vaddileni Runalu” is applicable to these loans. The barrowers covered under Loan protection (Loan Suraksha)

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Unnathi (SCSP/TSP & IWMP)
  1. The objective of Unnathi is to enable every poorest of poor family (SC/ST) in the state to come out of poverty with increased and sustainable livelihood opportunities established with
    the aid of an intensive handholding support
  2. The need for Unnathi was further confirmed by the data from the baseline survey that was carried out immediately after the identification of PoP households. Detailed information was
    gathered about each and every PoP household on all important livelihood, human development and quality of life aspects. The baseline of PoP families doubly confirmed the need for
    exclusive strategy which was rightly put in place by SERP in the name of Unnathi.
  3. Financial support is from Rs.25000/- up to Rs.1,00,000/- and assets creation is mandatory.
  4. Funds utilizing for the loaning of POP for their livelihood under IWMP programme.
  5. Financial assistance to SHG members under IWMP is Rs.25,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/- for purchase of Small Ruminants and Dairy.
  1. Andhra Pradesh Government main object of the scheme is to provide relief to the families of unorganized workers in case of death or disability of the unorganized worker leaving the
    families in great distress.
  2. There is every need to provide accident death and disability insurance to the worker towards social security.
  3. Even natural death of an unorganized worker results in undue hardship to the family members left by the worker who need to be provided some relief.
  4. This scheme is implementing from 2nd October 2016.

Scheme benefits

  • Rs.5 lakh for Accident Death and Total Disability
  • Rs.2,50,000/- from Partial Disability
  • Rs.2,00,000/- under Natural Death (18 to 50 Years) after 2nd Oct., 2018. Rs.30,000/- under Natural Death (51 to 59 Years)
  • Rs.1200/- p.a. towards scholarship per child up to two children of the beneficiary studying 9th, 10th, Intermediate or ITI.

YSR Pension Kanuka

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to the Welfare and Development of all segments of the society. The Government have announced “Navarathnalu” comprising of various welfare and developmental programmes to achieve this objective. As part of the Navarathnalu, enhanced the pension amount and reduction in the age criteria from 65 to 60 for old age pensions. It is a major welfare measure to ameliorate the hardships of the poor and vulnerable sections of the society.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The proposed beneficiary shall be from BPL family
  • Having White Ration Card and Aadhra Card.
  • He/She shall be a local resident of the district.
  • Old Age Pension : Both male and female, who are 60 years of age or above.
  • Weavers Pension : Weaver is 50 years of age and above having Weaver ID Card.
  • Widow Pension : Widows above 18 years of age having Death Certificate of their husband.
  • Disabled Pension : Disabled Pensions having a minimum of 40% disability and having SADEREM Certificate. No age limit.
  • Single Women Pension : Married women who are separated / deserted shall have above 35 years of age and the separation period shall be more than 1 year as on date of sanction of
    pension.Married women who are separated / deserted shall have above 35 years of age and the separation period shall be more than 1 year as on date of sanction of pension.
  • Taddy Toppers Pension : 50 years and above. Members of Toddy Co-operative Societies (TCS) or to an individual tapper under the Tree For Tappers (TFT) scheme and who have completed 50
    years of age as on 1.2.2009.
  • Fisherment Pension : Fisherman 50 years of age or above.
  • Traditional Cobbler Pension : Traditional Cobbler is above 40 years of age.
  • Dappu Artists Pension : Dappu Artists is above 50 years of age.
  • Transgender Pension : Transgender is 18 years of age or above.
  • ART Pensions : No age limit. 6 months continuous treatment on ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy)
  • CKDU Pension : No age limit.Patients under going Continuous Kidney Dialysis (Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown etiology).

Pension Amount

The benefit under each pension for OAP, Single Women, Weavers, Widow, Fisherman, Toddy Tappers, PLHIV (ART Pensions), Traditional Cobblers will be Rs.2250/- per month and for Disabled, Transgender, Dappu Artists pensions will be Rs.3000/- per month. CKDU pensions will be Rs.10000/- per month.
Sanction Authority.

The Municipal Commissioner is the sanctioning authority in respect of all pensions, in favour of eligible persons in Urban area. The Mandal Parishad Development Officers is component authority for sanction of all eligible pensions in rural area at mandal level.

YSR Pelli Kaanuka

The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has proposed Pelli Kanuka Scheme explicitly been implemented for the welfare of the brides belonging to SCs, STs, BCs, Minorities and Disabled classes and below the poverty line. Kalyana Mitra tracks the application process and incentive payable directly to the Bank Accounts of Bridegrooms.

Financial Assistance

  • Incentive between SCs and SCs : Rs.40,000/-
  • Incentive between STs and STs : Rs.50,000/-
  • Incentive between Muslim Minorities and Muslim Minorities : Rs.50,000/-
  • Incentive between BCs and BCs : Rs.35,000/-
  • Incentive between Others (Who registered as unorganized workers) : Rs.20,000/-

Farmer Producer Groups (FPGs)

  1. To improve income generating activities to small and marginal Farmers in rural areas of APRIGP (Andhra Pradesh Rural Inclusive Growth Project) 15 Mandals in Prakasam district.
  2. Formed 2,816 FPGs under 17 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).
  3. To reduce input cost of Agriculture and allied cultivation of the Farmers and to get minimum support price to the farmers.
  4. To provide technical support to the FPG members through trainings.

Financial Assistance

  1. Per each FPG member, maximum Rs.25,000/-
  2. Per each Farmer Producer Group maximum is Rs.50,000/-

Rural Retail Chain (RRC)

  • Providing marketing platform to the products which are making by the SHG Members in APRIGP Mandals.
  • Identified 307 SHG members as Mark members.
  • Under Pilot Project, RRC shops were established in 5 mandals in Prakasam district. 1) Ballikurava 2) Maddipadu 3) Gudluru 4) Donakonda 5) Tanguturu.
  • Selling Nutri Products like honey, Multigrain Power, Ragi biscuits, Ragiladdu, Pickles etc.,
  • Selling Hygiene Products like Phenol, Floor Cleaner, Detergents Power and Soaps etc.,

HD (Human Development) Activities

Name of the Schemes:

  1. Kitchen Gardens,
  2. Back Yard Poultry,
  3. Shelf life products
  4. WASH (Water, Sanitation Health & Hygiene)
  • Nutrition and dietetics is to establish and encourage good nutritional practice and standards as an integral part of the health care provided to the population of rural villagers in the
  • The seeds will be supplied by Horticulture Department with 50% subsidy.
  • Quality of chicken and egg is better in terms of organic farming as the birds are raised in stress less environment with natural input.
  • Eradication of pneumonia disease to children those who are suffering.
  • To protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop the transmission of disease, especially through the fecal-oral route.
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Live Stock

The Government of Andhra Pradesh as instated no of former welfare schemes in the Animal Husbandry Sector, to create awareness to all needy farmers and also bring the all schemes to the door steps of the farmer the live stock Community Resource Persons (CRP) system has been established.

The CRPs every month rendering the following activities pertaining to Animal Husbandry activity:

  1. Input Supply like Silage, TMR, Concentrate Feed and also involving in the vaccination, de-worming, de-ticking of live stock and Sheep and Goat.
  2. They are facilitating insurance to the small ruminants.
  3. They are facilitating as a team every month to all needy formers by implementing convergence activities with AH Department.
  4. CRPs are mobilizing the infertility animals to the health camps conducted by Veternary Assistant Surgeons (VAS) of the Mandal.
  5. The CRPs are motivating the farmers towards cultivation of perennial fodder under OPGK scheme and establishment in convergence with MGNREGS.
  6. The CRPs also attending to the office of the Veterinary Dispensary Office once in a week for refresher training and follow the instructions issued by the Mandal Doctor.