Ground Water and Water Audit Department

Back Ground:

Ground Water and Water Audit Department (formerly known as Ground Water Department) was initially established its camp/District office in Ongole in 1981 in Prakasam district with a district officer in the cadre of Junior Hydro geologist.

In the year 1996, the district office was upgraded as Deputy Director’s office, as per the orders of Irrigation and Command Area Development agency and the Deputy Director’s office have been functioning since 1996. The name of the department changed as Ground Water & Water Audit Department in 2016 by Water Resources Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh and it is part of Water Resources Department.


The District Officer (Deputy Director) was supported by Assistant Director, technical officers and ministerial staff to deal with field work as well as office work.



  • Conducting Hydrogeological and Geophysical investigations in detail for delineation of potential zones and for selection of various types of well sites for irrigation, industrial and individuals though developmental agencies like SC society, BC Corporation, ITDA, TRICOR and Industries.
  • Monitoring of Ground water levels and Quality through a network of purpose built piezometers with the help of Automatic water level recorders/ Telemetry.
  • Drilling of exploratory-cum production well activity is being taken up in the lands of SC & ST beneficiaries under the assistance of SCC & STC.
  • Identifying the feasible sites in ground water stress areas for artificial recharge structures.
  • Identifying the areas of rain water harvesting structures (RWHS).
  • Ground water resource estimation of the District on Watershed as well as village wise.
  • Conjuctive use of surface water and ground water.
  • Impact of sand mining on ground water regime.
  • Environmental Clearance with respect to ground water for industries, infrastructure and mining projects.
  • Fresh water aqua culture departmental clearance.

Aided Projects

Hydrology project:

Piezometers set up at micro level in order to understand the behaviour of aquifers and fluctuations of water levels under hydrology project. Presently real time ground water level monitoring is being done through telemetry. The real time water level data is available in CM Dash Board.

Andhra Pradesh Integrated Irrigation and Agriculture Transformation project (APIIATP):

It aims enhancing agriculture productivity profitability, and climate, resilience of small holder farmers in district. Under this project, 87 tanks selected in upland mandals of semi arid areas.

Contacts of the Department:

Deputy Director
Ground Water and Water Audit Dept
D.No.58-9-20, Kamasastri street,
O N G O L E.
Phone No: 08592 233118
Cell No: 8333991219
Fax No: 08592 221434
Email: ddgwd.ongole@yahoo .com